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Our vision is to create digital guides for: people who are thinking to change their lives and seeking information about Camino.

We believe the world is much more than what we see. The El Camino pilgrimage is a beautiful solution to get an overview about our lives and open our eyes for conscious thinking.
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El Camino that leads to Santiago de Compostela and beyond. During the past ten years the Camino has witnessed an amazing revival to regain its place as the most popular Christian pilgrim route in the world – but this is no modern fad for this ancient path has been transforming lives for more than ten centuries.

In recognition of, “The testimony to the power of faith and the 1,800 buildings of great historic interest that lie along its path” it was proclaimed the first European Cultural Itinerary in 1987 and inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. There are thousands of long distance pathways we can walk but only the Camino has achieved world recognition for its historical and spiritual significance and, inevitably, such accolades bring greater numbers wishing to experience its potential for physical and spiritual renewal.

John Brierley is the author of the famous A Pilgrim’s guide to the Camino the Santiago book. In the last years more then 100 000 pilgrims used this paper based guide book finding the inner route and the track to Santiago.

Our solution on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android platform is coming soon to app stores with the following functionality:

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Our application supports offline navigation on detailed maps and brings all the useful information which is needed by a pilgrim on the Camino. Our app is based on the famous book of John Brierley, which splits the Camino onto 33 stages. This is a reliable mobile companion on the road, and its main functions (such as maps and POIs) are working without mobile internet connection.

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“Best pilgrim support application that a pilgrim can get for the journey through the Spanish countryside!”

Lazarevic Stefan

Nice new design and useful functions. My favorite app so far.

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“It was really nice that my family could follow my way on the way. I recommend it to everyone who is planning to walk the Camino de Santiago.”

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