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What to bring? You will bring too much; everyone does!
Aim to carry no more than 10% of body weight with an upper limit of 10 Kilos. Whatever you carry your knees and feet will absorb most of the shock and will be the first to buckle if you carry more than essentials.

Buy materials that are essentially:

With help of our backpack weight calculator you can easily check what you can carry in your backpack without wrecking yourself:




Items (Check the items you would carry)

Its own weight and the backpack

A related matter is the weight you carry, both your backpack and body weight. If you are 2 stone overweight and are going to be carrying an additional 2 stone on your back, the resultant stress factor is likely to show up in cracks, literally, in the body (1 stone = 14 pounds = 6.4 kilograms). While you will inevitably lose weight on the journey, try and reduce before you start out. Pilgrimage is a great metaphor for life. What are you carrying that is unnecessary?

“From contentment with little comes happiness.” African proverb.

Nice new design and useful functions. My favorite app so far.

Philip C.

“Best pilgrim support application that a pilgrim can get for the journey through the Spanish countryside!”

Lazarevic Stefan

“It was really nice that my family could follow my way on the way. I recommend it to everyone who is planning to walk the Camino de Santiago.”

Isa Jansens

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